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Protecting drivers


Over 70% of serious accidents involving large trucks were caused by pre-crash events of a third party.  Statistically, Truckers take the blame for many more incidents than they should. Now we can prove it..

Protecting fleets


We provide 'real time' video notification of accidents & harsh braking or speeding incidents for proof of blame and pro-active claims handling as well as training purposes to prevent re-occurrence. 

Protecting companies


- 49.6% reduction in claim payments

- 47% increase in successful claim denials

Accident frequency reduction

Deductible protection

Business longevity


Trucking Companies

Truck with real time dashcam

Local Distribution

Truck with real time dashcam


Truck with real time dashcam

Taxi & Limousine

taxi with real time dashcam

School Bus

school bus with real time dashcam

Insurers / MGAs / RRGs

insurers using dash cams and telematics to reduce claims and reduce loss ratios


How it works

Real-Time Video Speed

Near 'real-time' video provides instant notification of accidents and incidents for swift proof of blame and pro-active claims handling.  Claim costs can be 40% cheaper even if you are at fault and disappear altogether if video proves your innocence.

HD Video Quality

Optimized video capture with HD resolution for high definition details including low light conditions and license plate identification.

Continuous Data Capture

As well as instant upload of event footage in seconds, the device stores many hours of previous footage and events that can be uploaded upon request (all part of the managed service!)

Configurability & Customization

All vehicles are different and we don't do cookie cutter solutions.   Each device has hundreds of 'over the air' editable custom trigger configurations.  (Again, all part of the managed solution)

High frequency data collection

The geeky part - we collect speed/location data at 10Hz (10x a second) and can adjust 'g-force' collection to over 1000Hz for perfect fleet configuration (You've guessed  it - part of the managed solution)

Data Security

The serious part - our robust server architecture is built upon the latest security protocols and all data is anonymized.

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We are subject matter experts when it comes to truck cameras, what they do and how they can help your business improve safety, protect drivers  and take control of insurance claim situations.

If you have any questions about anything camera related or the return on investment you can expect to achieve, please just ask!

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Frequently asked questions


1. What does it cost?

We are easy to do business with and can either charge $379.99 up front for the device and $18.99 per month for service, support, server access and data OR we are providing $0 down and $31.99 per month lease deals on a 36 month contract.  You own the hardware from day one and its tax deductible.

2. Are the devices easy to set up & configure?

We take care of everything over the air.  Our monthly charges include unlimited configuration and support.  We carefully set trigger levels and tailor the devices to the trucks to ensure you get relevant footage in real time.

3. How are they installed?

The installation is very simple,   The device comes with a tamper resistant mount that fixes to the windshield (make sure its clean first!).  Its then just a matter of connecting 3 wires to a permanent live, ignition live and a ground source. We provide a manual and it usually takes 15 minutes.

4. How do I know there is a video event to watch?

Once devices are installed, you will receive live alerts by email and/or notifications from the mobile app within seconds of the device triggering a 'harsh event'.  You will then have real time access to the video from the cab.  If its a harsh event, you may mention it to the driver to prevent reoccurrence, congratulate them on avoiding a careless third party or have instant proof of who was to blame for a crash.

5. What are the benefits?

Instant visibility of harsh events and accidents provides a huge return on investment. Based on tens of thousands of deployed devices, you can expect to reduce 'harsh events' by 30% (each of these may be a roll of the dice that becomes a crash) and reduce insurance claim payments by over 40%.  

Even proving that one incident was not your fault and saving a policy deductible could pay for the entire program. Future insurance premiums are based on historical claims performance (frequency of incidents and $$ payments) - Fleets with cameras installed often pay reduced premiums and will make themselves targets for preferred insurance carrier pricing and treatment.


The Device


This unobtrusive device measures less than 4 x 2 x 1.5 inches and weighs under 5 ounces.  Attaches to the windshield, comes with a 2 year warranty and can perform 1000 operations a second.

Real-Time Video


Real-time video of incidents are available for instant viewing in either the web interface or the handy mobile app (iOS and Android)

Safety League Table


A handy at a glance report showing vehicle license plate with mileage, speeding, harsh events over the selected time period.  Competition to reach that top spot is a great safety incentive.



We are a safety company NOT a tracking company and many of our customers already have comprehensive fleet management systems in place.  However, as a back up or for those yet to invest, we provide basic functionality.

Historical Traces


We are a safety company, NOT a tracking company but once again, we can provide historical track and trace functionality for vehicles.

View - like being in the cab


This is the view you can expect to see from the camera. For power units with hood mounted mirrors, a nice view of adjacent lanes on interstates can be seen.

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Insurance Landscape for USA fleets

In the USA, commercial trucking and auto insurance premiums are rising.  Some fleets are reporting 10% increases and increased pressure on deductibles and policy limits.  Claim frequencies for commercial auto insurance have hit 20% (1 in 5 vehicles will be involved in an incident) and bodily injury claims are also on the rise.

Forward thinking fleets are investing in technology and will become leaders in claims management, reducing costs and making themselves targets for preferred insurance carrier pricing and treatment.

Some stats...

49.6% reduction in average claim payments

50.3% reduction in average claim payments involving third party collisions when stationary

49.25% reduction in average claim payments involving third partys changing lane / lane discipline

108.3% increase in successful claim denials involving third party collisions when stationary

20.8% increase in successful claim denials involving third party changing lanes

100% visibility of every accident / harsh event



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