Real time dash cam.  Reduce claims and improve safety

How it works

Real-Time Video Speed

Near 'real-time' video provides electronic notification of accident / incident for swift proof of liability and pro-active claims mitigation.  Claim costs can be 40% cheaper even if you are at fault!

HD Video Quality

Optimized video capture with 720 pixel resolution for high definition details including low light conditions and license plate identification.

Continuous Data Capture

As well as instant upload of event footage in seconds, the device stores many hours of previous footage and events that can be uploaded upon request (all part of the managed service!)

Configurability & Customization

All vehicles are different and we don't do cookie cutter solutions.   Each device has hundreds of 'over the air' editable custom trigger configurations.  (Again, all part of the managed solution)

High frequency data collection

The geeky part - we collect speed/location data at 10Hz (10x a second) and can adjust 'g-force' collection to over 1000Hz for perfect fleet configuration (You've guessed  it - part of the managed solution)

Data Security

The serious part - our robust server architecture is built upon the latest security protocols and all data is anonymized.

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We are subject matter experts when it comes to truck cameras, what they do and how they can help your business improve safety, protect drivers  and take control of insurance claim situations.

If you have any questions about anything camera related or the return on investment you can expect to achieve, please just ask!

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